A long farewell to all my greatness


Backtagging: I am the king of backlogging, LET'S DO IT

Threadjacking: In fun threads, go for it. In serious threads, unless your character would be all up in that business (looking at you, Noah family), then ask first?
Offensive subjects: SURE, I mean, Allen lived with Cross, so he is probably used to it and everything. But he may rrrrr at you.
Fourthwalling: Have to go with no on this. Allen has enough shit in his head without that added complication.
Hugging this character: Yes UNLESS YOU ARE A NOAH, he will cut you.
Kissing this character: UH you can…try…I…guess.
Flirting with this character: He will probably totally miss the point but YES go ahead.
Shipping/Sexual contact:
   *Gender preference? I basically ship all the things.
Going with "undecided" because it is not something that is important to Allen.
   *Touching? WELL if you're into that? Uh, honestly, this depends on the character and the situation more than anything else. Allen is underage, which bothers many muns, and I am entirely aware of this. Basically talk it out with me, I am super flexible about it.
   *Intercourse? Allen is pretty clueless about things like this. He knows about sex (thanks Cross) but it's not his area of expertise. ALSO UNDERAGE, um. I would probably say "no" in most cases for this unless you catch me on a meme.
Fighting with this character: YES my only request is to ask me about it/work out deets first since I don't enjoy writing fight scenes. BUT Allen is a fighter so fighting with him is more than acceptable.
Injuring this character: Yes.
Torture: YEAH his life is the hardest. BUT be warned that if you hurt Allen or push him too far you might end up with Nea! I DON'T KNOW we will see how that goes.
Mind-reading: YEAH but it might be kind of a mess there.
Killing: Ask me and we'll work something out I am sure.

BASICALLY my policy is always just "ask me." I'm a pretty chill guy.